Song of Regret

Thought it is so tragic,
And though it is so sad,
Although I'm always trying
You are still there in my head.

I'm begging and I'm crying,
I'm shouting and I scream,
But nothing's gonna help me,
I'm still trapped in my own dream.

I'm looking in the distance,
I still can see your face,
And when I close my eyes
It remains in its own place.

I can't control my heart
I can't control my mind,
You don't know how I'm feeling
I just can't leave you behind.

You gave me all your loving,
And gave yourself to me,
And now that you're gone
I know what you meant to me.

You waved me a good bye,
and went down your own way,
I sat there in the shards,
Didn't know what more to say.

You said you couldn't stand it,
And I could understand,
I know that I did hurt you
and that my fault was the end.

Now I'm sitting in my room,
I cry from time to time,
Remember all your caring,
Remember all your shine,
Remember all your smiles,
Remember all your laugh,
Remember all your touches,
Remember all your love,
Remember all your kisses,
Remember all your strokes,
Remember my own failure,
And cancel all my hopes.

Geschrieben von Björn "Islaender" Steinert, 2005