You can't dance on broken hearts

You seem to be alright, everything is fine?
On the path of your life, though, thereís blood and gold...
Unseen, but felt... the pain of broken hearts.

Canít you see youíve been wrong?
And that you have to face what youíve done?
Nothing ever changes, if you keep running away...
Thatís life, my friend. You got to get along with it.

Dancing keeps the sorrows away, you think...
Although nothing really changes.
Nothing will be taken away from you, just because you wait for it.
Consequences canít be drowned, theyíre always behind you.
Every day, every night, every sceond of your life.

Oh, I see, you think lifeís unfair? You really do?
No my friend, itís not unfair. Life is hard, but just.

Be aware of the things you do, son.
Recall all the things you ever did.
Only you are able to change your ways and ease the pain.
Killing yourself ist not an option, it wonít help.
Ever keep that in mind, son.
Never forget it.

Help is what you ask me for? You see, you have be wrong?
Eventually you seem to learn... well, better now than never.
Alas, thereís nothing I can do for you.
Right now, the only one who can help is you.
The only one... your friends may be some kind of support for you...
Support... yes, I think you need some now.

Willing to change your life? Are you?
Is it really your wish or just a fancy right now?
Thereís always time to choose, always time to reconsider.
Here it is, you chance. Itís always been there, you just have to take it.
On the other hand... are you willing to face the consequences?
Unsure of what to do? Welcome to reality, my friend.
Thatís the way life is, I told you before...

Crouching in a corner, the Face hidden behind your hooves.
Useless... Weeping wonít help, no matter how many tears you shed.
Time to start doing, what you always thought about.
Time to decide, wahtís important to you.
In your Life, you did some very stupid things, just to have your fun.
Now you regret most of them... but now itís too late.
Going back in time doesnít work, itís a one-way to eternity.

You should raise your head and dry your tears, you should... change...
Oh, I know, itís difficult, but itís worth the effort.
Unbelievable? It seems to hard? Well, the first step is the most difficult one.
Running forward needs a first step, looking back needs something to leave.

Fear not, my friend, you are not alone in this world.
Every day Iíll be there and hear your sorrows.
Every day, Iíll be at your side, if you are willing to listen.
Time to choose, my friend.

Geschrieben von Björn "Islaender" Steinert, 2005